Spiritual Development

Spiritual Development

The articles in this section are about spirituality. That is, they are about opening ourselves up to the Holy Spirit so God can have an ever greater impact on our lives. Sometimes, God forms us to be who we are like a potter working with clay. Sometimes He fabricates us to reach our potential like a carpenter framing a building, and at other times, He forges us like an iron smith working with metal and fire. But always, God desires a relationship with us and calls us to be with Him. This is more than just having a relationship with God: it is about living in common-union with Him. It is also more than living in communion with God; it is about living in a covenantal relationship with Christ so that we truly share in His life, His suffering and His Joy. In the end, it is about sanctification.

Spiritual Growth: In this section, you will read articles that challenge us, give us strength and give us rest. As an athlete and a Christian, we need to be challenged, given strength and have time of rest and recovery, knowing that we are well cared for.

Saints: Here you will find articles on the lives of saints; heroes and role models of the church. These are individuals who ultimately said “yes” to God and allowed themselves to be the person who God wanted them to become. They are the elite “hall of famers” in the only Hall of Fame that truly matters. Read their stories here in order to find your next role model!

Catechesis: Articles in this section are here to help us grow in our understanding of Christ’s teachings. The teachings are from biblical sources, church tradition, theologians, the magisterium and the catechism of the church. Understanding what God has revealed to the Church, helps us to understand our relationship with our Creator.

Stories: The articles here are simply stories about our peers. We all have struggles and we all have triumphs. Understanding each other’s story helps us to live our own story and understand how God works in our lives even when we don’t seem to be able to perceive His presence.