Leadership Development

Leadership Theory

Practical Lessons for Integrating Faith and Work

The Scouting Report:

1. In the practice of our faith, do we consider the workplace as an opportunity to be open about our Catholic beliefs or do we ignore this vital time and only think about being Catholic the other sixteen hours a day?

2. Political correctness and rigid company policies have led many of us to compartmentalize our faith in an unhealthy and unnatural way. I often hear people say, “I just leave my faith at the door when I get to work.” But how can we possibly separate our spiritual from our physical being?

3. Christ should never compete for our time and that living our busy lives and putting Him first are not mutually exclusive!

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Basic Leadership

Several years ago, when my oldest son was in grade school, he applied for an opportunity to go to Washington DC for a leadership event. Essentially, the teachers in his Catholic grade school were going to pick someone to represent the school to go on the trip in order...

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