Leadership Development

The articles in this section are primarily geared towards helping athletes, coaches and administrators to lead each other with a Catholic world view. The articles will focus on leading by instilling virtue, reason, servanthood and evangelism in our leadership style.

Leadership Theory: These articles are all about how to become a better leader in general. They are lessons in growing our leadership skills.

Cultural Challenges: Leadership and sport are affected by our culture. We can chose to assimilate the values of our progressively more secular culture or, we can use our sport and our leadership positions as a way to affect the culture in a more Catholic and Christian way. This section is designed to challenge how we lead; is it with instilling virtue and reason? is it with a Catholic understanding or a secular understanding?

Apologetics: Articles in this section help us to understand the Catholic world view so that we can lead from that platform. Catholic leaders have to understand the Church’s position on a multitude of issues. The idea is not to impose our Catholic beliefs on non-Catholics, but to be wise enough to understand what the church teaches and why. In this way, we can be careful to not lead anyone astray.