The Scouting Report:

1. In order to understand sport psychology, it is important to see the big picture. Too often, I think we concentrate too much on one thing such as imagery. That is, imagining ourselves physically shooting the ball and watching the ball go through the net. So we make the mistake of employing only one strategy to help us succeed

2. We have a tendency to think that focusing means to concentrate really hard on what we are doing. This concentrating really hard however, typically leads to a process of self-evaluation that pulls our focus away from the activity we are doing and thus becomes a distraction.

3. In general, reward and punishment don’t go very far towards motivating us to perform better. A coach or AD who yells or praises us for our action is less likely to keep us motivated for very long compared to having intrinsic motivation. Intrinsic (internal) motivation on the other hand is far superior in getting results.

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